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longtonguedog ([personal profile] longtonguedog) wrote2009-05-05 11:36 am
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[oom] Paris, London, Lubbock

I think what makes the perfect taco is the shell.  See, you can have fresh lettuce and tomatoes, and that's a good start.  You can have the best spice mix in the shredded beef, and that's a solid middle.  But if you don't have the taco shell itself down, you're gonna end up gnawing at it or having a lapful of filling.  Naw, the perfect taco has a fresh made crispy shell (I like flour myself, but corn will do, s'long as it's fresh), and if it's still warm from the friar, more's the better.

I will travel across half the galaxy for good tacos, man.  They're absolutely worth it.